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Get a Career-Boosting Credential Online with Collins To-Go

Get a Career-Boosting Credential Online with Collins To-Go

Are you ready to forge a new career path or elevate your current job skills without stepping outside your doorstep? Well, we have some great news! Collins Career Technical Center is thrilled to announce our collaboration with ed2go – the frontrunners in adult online education. Say hello to new learning frontiers and expand your professional toolkit with 'Collins To-Go,' a dynamic platform delivering a wealth of online training opportunities.

How does this partnership benefit you? Imagine gaining access to hundreds of affordable online courses that cover a vast range of in-demand industries right at your fingertips. Whether you're eyeing a credential in the thriving allied health sector, such as Clinical Dental Assisting or Pharmacy Technician, or aiming to master other fields like Human Resources or Paralegal studies, Collins To-Go is your new go-to for growth and advancement.

Tim Johnson, our Director of Adult Education, is genuinely excited about this new endeavor: "Matching up with ed2go feels like the pieces of a puzzle fitting perfectly together. We're fully aware of how critical career training is, especially with the way job markets constantly evolve. Providing varied and adaptable ways to learn is vital. Ed2go is exceptional in their field, bringing the expertise we need to fulfill the diverse educational requirements of our community."

With a palette of courses designed to mirror today's job market demands—including areas such as art and design, business, and IT—ed2go ensures you're not just learning but mastering skills that employers are actively seeking. Their online model is the epitome of learning on your terms. Are you an early bird or a night owl? It doesn't matter; the platform provides the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere. Opt for self-paced learning if you cherish independence, or choose instructor-led courses if you thrive on guidance and group interaction.

Bob Batten, the General Manager of ed2go, shares the excitement: “Through this partnership with Collins Career Technical Center, we’re excited to offer residents the ability to access quality, flexible online education to improve their career prospects and lives.”

It's time to make your move. Whether you're curious about a new career trajectory or a business owner aiming to upskill your team, Collins To-Go is packed with online courses that promise affordability, adaptability, and accessibility. This strategic alliance is more than a mere expansion of course offerings; it's a beacon of possibilities to enhance your professional life.

Ready to leap into your next career adventure with Collins To-Go? Get in touch with us or visit our website to explore the myriad of courses we offer alongside ed2go and start crafting the career you envision.

Remember, it's not just about taking a course; it's about opening doors to a brighter future. Welcome to your next chapter of growth with Collins Career Technical Center and ed2go. Your journey to success starts here—online, on your schedule, and your terms.

Anytime, Anywhere…Collins To-Go. 🚀