Practical Nursing

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Collins Career Center is committed to providing excellence in nursing education. Since the nursing faculty believe learning is a dynamic, life long process, the curriculum places importance on the need for continued growth in one’s nursing practice. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to pursue a career in the field of practical nursing while building a foundation to enable students to continue their education. The faculty utilizes a blend of theory based on evidence based practice with hands on experiences to provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist in the promotion of health and wellness to individuals, family and the community.

Graduates of the program will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN and seek employment in providing direct nursing care to individuals with commonly occurring health problems within a structured health care setting. The practical nurse functions under the direction of the registered nurse, physician, health care provider, or dentist. The nursing program provides the administrative, technical, clinical, and ethical training necessary to pursue a nursing career in a variety of settings including:

Different options are offered to meet the needs of both the traditional and working adult students. Many of the courses incorporate online learning to deliver a portion of the content. The options are as follows:

11 Month Programs

PN101: M T & Th 8am - 4pm

PN105: M & T 4pm - 10pm Friday 8am – 4pm

13 Month Programs

PN102: 3 days per week, 8-4pm

PN103: 3 evenings per week

** All of the nursing programs require at least some online learning components.